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A.T ogebe
Let us get to know you please, Who is A.T Ogebe?
My name is Attah Ogebe, I’m a singer, songwriter and final year political science  student of Caritas University Enugu. I’m from Ado local government  area of Benue State. I’m Idoma By Tribe.


How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?
My mum didn’t have issues with me doing music as long as I continued schooling. My dad is late. He died in 2010. He wasn’t aware I was into music  when he was alive. But he knew I loved music and use to hear me sing and play music at home. The rest of my family are cool with me doing music.

Who were your musical influences growing up? And now,who do you see as an Idol in the game?
My musical influences growing up were Plantashun Boiz, 2face Idibia, B2K, Rihanna and Bob Marley. I look up to 2face Idibia a lot. But I listened to all kinds of music growing up.

A.T Ogebe-001

How do you define your music? What genre would you place it under?
I do good music. I do R&B and a bit of reggae. I’ve also done a couple of dancehall music. Done a rock song before. And I’ve also done a hip-hop joint where I rapped all through. Not afraid of experimenting. But no matter the genre of music I do in the future. R&B is always gonna be my thing.

It is safe to say you are like the Best R&B musician the state has, you have done justice to virtually every music your featured on stylishly, what is or are your source of inspiration?
Na you talk am oh. (Laughs). I de try sha. I think other R&B musicians out there are keeping it real too. I get my inspiration from God, He has deposited a lot of ideas in my head. I have a very wide imagination too. I de imagine things die. And I watch lots of movies and listen to various genres of music.

A.T ogebe 002

What’s your background, in relation to music?
Recorded my 1st song in 2008, after my junior Waec. The song  was called “overwhelmed love” and it was recorded at Johnicks Studio villa. Back then I was singing with a friend, his name is Steven Angya  AKA Songsteve. We called ourselves Da Yungsterz, we did music together. We were just secondary school kids with musical dreams and ambitions. We recorded about 10 songs then as Da Yungsterz, but they were never promoted, just uploaded them on some free music  sharing sites and shared with our school mates and friends through bluetooth. When we were in SS3, me and my friend/music partner Songsteve formed another group called Da Yung Galaxy, the group was made up of our fellow aveco class mates, we were 8 in the group, (myself, Songsteve, Barrybliss, Viti Best now known as Viti Graphics, Atempt, PS, Tomcie  and Changes). Da Yung Galaxy recorded about 3 songs together including a graduation song titled “Aveco” which was popular back then in school . We split after graduating from aveco in 2011.

You Where once a member of a group, what came about the seperation?
Was a member of two groups like I mentioned earlier, Da Yungsterz and Da Yung Galaxy. Been in same secondary school and seeing one another everyday was one of the main things that kept us together. Some members didn’t want to continue doing music and we all had our individual goals and ambitions.

What is the title of the first track you recorded as a solo artist and Can we listen to it?
The title of the first song I recorded as a solo artise is “Kolo”. Sure you can.

listen to te Track Below

DOWNLOA A.T Ogebe – Kolo

you are young i must say and as far as Benue is Concern you are rated among the Best R&B Artist the state has and your music heard in alomst all part of the state,What are your plans to reach out to the broader Naija community? How do you intend to break into the ever-growing market within Nigeria?
Gon keep keeping on, doing good music and continue been unique. By God’s grace i’m gon get there. Also gon put a lot of time and resources in promoting my brand and music. Cause you could have a very dope song but without proper promotion, nobody’s gon listen to it. Got lots of projects coming up music wise after I’m done with school, cause school eats up most of my time.

How do you deal with fame and have the spotlight on you?
I don’t  think I’m famous yet, people know me yeah, but I think people know my name and my songs more than they know me in person, Cause I spend most of my time in school. Nevertheless, I’m always straight and real where ever I am.

What do you think about your comparisons with other artistes?
‎I don’t compare myself with any artiste and nobody should. My music is unique and different from any other artiste. Cause i’m never carried away by what is in trend or what’s reigning, and my lyrics, voice and style of delivery are different from any other artiste’. I stay true to my craft. And I think every good and real artiste got their own style and way of creating music no matter the genre.

What’s your greatest achievement career wise?
Winning my first music award as Best Vocalist on the Rise at the 2015 Rising Stars Award‎s.

A.T Ogebe 003

Bro, for the records, I love that “Kolo” track, I heard it for the first time when you performed it live at an event organised by Johnicks Studio Villa Some time ago and liked, how come about the song what inspired you?
Thanks bro. The song “kolo” is a rendition of Jay Sean’s “Ride it”. When I heard the beat, I loved it and though it was foreign I decided to make the song sound “naijaish” so I came up with the title kolo, and then I wrote the chorus, and from there I just start to imagine say I de yan with my babe and that’s how I wrote the verses. (laughs) And though the song is evergreen I wrote it way back in 2011.

listen to te Track Below

DOWNLOA A.T Ogebe – Kolo

You’ve done a few collaborations already, is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to work with?
‎I want to work with every artiste out there who creates good music.

Has the internet; social media, Blogs and so on helped your career in any way?
Yes oh! Nowadays it’s the social media and blogs that I use to share and promote my music to the world and connect with fans.

A.T Ogebe 004

What do you have to say about blissempire.com?
Top music de try walahi. Keep up the good work.

In conclusion, what would you like to add? Any shout-outs, etc?
Thanks to God and everyone that has been supporting and is still supporting me and my music. God bless y’all. Never gon let you down. Shout out to Viti Graphics, Barrybliss, Songsteve, Atempt, Johnicks, Top music and Makhits.

For bookings or enquiries how can your fans reach you?
Hit me Up on Instagram: @atogebe Twitter: @A_t_Ogebe  Facebook: A.T. Ogebe, A.T. Ogebe Attah WhatsApp: 08131815786 Tel: 07051899876

Listen to the following songs by A.T Ogebe Below

DOWNLOAD A.T. Ogebe – Special One

DOWNLOA A.T Ogebe – Kolo

DOWNLOAD A.T Ogebe – Love Soldier

DOWNLOAD A.T Ogebe – I Wanna Be


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