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Let us get to know you please, Who is McDow?
McDow is a musician, who’s real name is Attah Moses Mark. A graduate of B Sc. Zoology from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.

How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?
At first it was difficult for me, being the last child of the family. I had everybody over protecting me, then I became unstopable as I forged a positive path with my music, so my family came in with their full support.

Who were your musical influences growing up? And now,who do you see as an Idol in the game?
While growing up, I listened to and still listen to Light House Family, Westlife, BackStreet Boys, Lionel Richie, MJ, my mentor R. Kelly etc. But guys like TPain and Chris Brown have greatly influenced my music. The only person who is close to deserving the title “Idol” is Michael Jackson period!

(Laughs) So How do you define your music? What genre would you place it under?
Afro Pop


It is safe to say you are like the most versatile musician the state has, you have done justice to vertually every genre of music stylishly, what is or are your source of inspiration?
My source of inspiration is ultimately God and then my Environment.

What’s your background, in Relation to music ?
You won’t believe me even if I told you… Well if you must know, I’ve never been in the choir, I’ve never attended a music school, I don’t know how to play any musical instruments. This is pure talent brother! But I am learning how to play the piano as it happens to be the only musical instrument that stole my heart.

Wow That’s really Amazing

You Were once a member of a group i guess? what was it called ? what came about the seperation?
Yeah I was once a member of the group G-Light (Green Light) together with Prinzoski and Yung Smart, under Pst. E Walter’s CAS Media management group. We had no problem before calling it a quit, we splitted just to cover more grounds.

Oh I see!!!


what is the title of the first track you recorded as a solo artist and Can we listen to it?
Yeah Sure You Can, you’ll be shocked to know its my first song as a solo artist, from the production to everything is a hundred. It is called PURE LIES

Take a listen to the Track Below!

DOWNLOAD McDow – Pure Lies

As Far as Benue is Concern you are rated among the Top and your music heard in almost in all part of the state,also in couple mixtapes What are your plans to reach out to the broader Naija community? How do you intend to break into the ever-growing market within Nigeria?
I started singing since 2005 and since then, with the support of my well wishers we have come this far. I am not close to where I want to be yet so no cause for premature celebration, I can do this I know but I need more support.
As for breaking into the big leagues, I intend to do that by making and promoting good music.

How do you deal with fame and have the spotlight on you?
I try to keep my cool, for to whom much is given much is expected. I work hard and try not to let the attention get into my head!


What do you think about your comparisons with other artistes?
No one can be me even if they try and I strive hard to remain me and not become a second someone.

What’s your greatest achievement career wise ?
My greatest achievement career wise would be the number of lives I’ve been able to touch with my music, helping them through hard times, listen to good music, party and so on…

Homie, for the records, I love that “Olivia Twist” track, it was the first of your music i heard and it was good, how come about the song what inspired you?
My former manager El Nino masterminded that song. He brought a dope beat produced by YUNGZIL and then I killed it… hmm hmmm Dass all!

Listen To Olivia Twist Below
DOWNLOAD McDow – Olivia Twist

You’ve done a few collaborations already, is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to work with?
Flavour, Patoranking & Tiwa Savage I am looking forward to working with those three.

Has the internet; social media, Blogs and so on helped your career in any way?
They are the simple reason my songs have spread this far.

What do you have to say about blissempire.com?
Daring!!! that’s the right word because I see you guys doing what others don’t.


In conclusion, what would you like to add? Any shout-outs, etc?
Am Thankful to God Almighty For his blessings and a big shoutout to every body supporting McDow, we are fast becoming a brand. And to Top music I say Gracias, that’s thank you in Spanish.

For bookings or Inquiries how can your fans reach you?

Call me or WhatsApp: +2348063719348
E-Mail: koggi22@yahoo.com
Twitter/Instagram: McDow22
Facebook: Attah McDow

Listen to the following songs by McDow Below

DOWNLOAD McDow – Lovina

DOWNLOAD McDow – Olivia Twist


DOWNLOAD McDow – Super Story


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