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We would Like to know alittle about you,Tell us About Koboko? and how you came up into the music industry?
Okay my full name is Odeh L. Onuh and am a Rapper/Producer and Part-time graphic designer from the Idoma tribe of Benue State. Musically am known as Koboko a.k.a Oyi Aje, I was born in the early 90s and am a fresh graduate of Animal science from the University of Agriculture Makurdi.
Like most artistes I started my musical journey with a group of friends in my secondary school days(2005). The group was called The Striders Family and we went as far as recording a couple of singles before going our separate ways a few years of graduation. (2008). Na only me de do music now sha. I guess they all discovered other passions.

For the record how did you come up with the name Koboko? i mean we all know the word to stand for a tool used by african parents for A$s whooping (Laughs)
Hehehe. Ummm, I don change name tire as I de grow up sha. Seriously. I used to go by names like Slash, Supreme, Jazzy e.t.c. But I’ve always wanted something unique and the name Koboko never came up until 2010 while I was doing a freestyle rap battle with my friends P Joe and late I.C Da Lyricist (May he RIP) . We always described winning as flogging. The idea of lyrically flogging sounded kinda good to me so after whipping them one day, I decided to change my name to Tha Chiefwhip which later metamorphosized into Koboko. My mum never liked the idea tho. Said its weird. Hahaha. I like weird so I kept it anyway.

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(laughs) So tell us How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?
My parents never liked the music idea and didn’t support me until recently. They finally realized I couldn’t be stopped so they made sure I stayed in school. I thank them for that becuase the exposure I got in school was priceless. Now na my song be my mama ringtone so we getting there.

Who were your musical influences growing up? And now, who do you see as an Idol in the game?
Mehn I was influenced by different genres of music because I grew up in a family of music lovers. (Like listening to the radio alot) Mum and dad played the likes of James Brown, Temptations, Fela, Bob Marley e.t.c and my bro Listened to Naughty by Nature, Biggie, Pac, Nas and my sister’s Also listened to likes of Boyz to Men and Black street boys. Personally I idolize Jay Z and finally 50 cent influenced my 1st rap verse.

Interesting! So How do you define your music? What genre would you place it under?
Well I define my music style as conscious, street, entertaining, rebellious and intellectual. This said consciousness is the reason am regarded as controversial artiste by some. My genre is HipHop but I don’t limit myself. You could hear me in some Afropop sound (Na Naija we dey)


What’s your background, in relation to music ?
My musical background is packed sha ooo (No bragging). I have listened and have been influenced by a lot of sounds. All this conditions made me start early and some people actually think am old due to how long I’ve been active. I recorded my 1st official single titled ADDICTED TO MUSIC in 2011. I have featured some Hiphop heavyweights like AQ, Boogey, Tha Suspect and Sound Sultan. I have two EP albums out now ‘Extra Curriculum’ in 2013 and the last one titled ‘Homework’. And am still pushing to do more.

you dropped Your last album between late last year-Early this year Am i right? (reply should be “yeah you are right”
Yes, I launched it exclusively in my hometown in December last year before official releasing it in Makurdi in February 2015.

After the Album launch How has it been going for you musically, i could remember we at TOM premiered a Track Off the Album any tentative plans of shooting a video from the album?
Yeah TOM premiered Boyz Must Blow off the album or I guess it was LOVING U. God bless you guys for the support. No video plans for any of the songs in the album for now and I won’t lie to you, life became harder after the album launch and the expectations increased too. Everybody suddenly think am rich and hate crawled in.

Yeah i understand, but i guess its part of the hustle, so Are you signed under any record label?
Nah am not signed to any record label yet.

As far as i can tell and as far as Benue State is concern you are known virtually everywhere across the state How do you deal with fame and have the spotlight on you?
Its a great feeling to stand out among the best in your environment and I feel blessed. It means I am not wasting my time. Now the goal is to spread the movement nation wide then worldwide. That’s when I’ll think am famous.

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yeah thats the major target indeed, so What do you think about your comparisons with other artistes?
I don’t compare myself with any artiste. I just try to improve on myself and add more to my craft. We are special in our individual way.

What’s your greatest achievement career wise ?
I’ve done a lot in the past but that’s passed now. I think the most recent is the Oyi Aje movement. It felt really good seeing a lot of people buying and wearing the Oyi Aje T-shirt brand. Am also happy with the way a lot of people sing along anytime they hear the song which I produced myself. Thank God for that ish.

You’ve done a few collaborations already, is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet
In Benue I’ve worked with everyone I wanted to work with. In Nigeria I’d love to work with Jesse Jagz cause he really inspires me. That could happen really soon.

What are your plans to reach out to the broader Nigeria community? How do you intend to break into the ever-growing market within Nigeria and world wide?
I am really putting alot of energy into breaking into the Nigerian scene and I recently featured on two Rap mixtapes to be released in 2016. Also pushing my materials outta here than I was doing before. God is gonna handle the rest.

What are you working on right now. Is there an album or a mixtape or a single on the way?
Yeah Currently working on Homework 2.0 which is going to be a remake of all the songs in my last album but now featuring other artistes from across Nigeria. Doing a joint tape with someone too (lips sealed).

So far in the music industry any award/awards or endorsement deal?
No major awards yet just nominations from awards bodies that lack credibility. Hahaha. No endorsement ooo.

What would you like to add? Any Final words or shout-outs?
Yea, I’d like to encourage all aspiring artistes to believe in themselves, keep their head up, stay in school, value their craft and invest into it. Finally I’d like to send my shouts to my big sis and 1st lady of Alogaene Entertainment Mrs. Sarah Obonyilo and my homies Tico, Obagzy, Ene Daniella, God bless Dj Sap of Joy fm, Diretrix of Radio Benue and TOM for all the support you give to the youngins. Bless up. OHooo

For bookings or enquiries how can your fans reach you?
For any BOOKING including shows, features and general enquiry, send an email to iamkoboko@gmail.com or call +2348061366322, +2348075367783..Twitter @iamkoboko. Instagram @iamkoboko. VISIT www.iamkoboko.com for more songs by Koboko.

DOWNLOAD Koboko Ft Benue Boy & Eny Matty – So Long (Unreleased)

DOWNLOAD Koboko – Achiko je (U suppose Know)

DOWNLOAD Koboko – Oyi Aje (Son of the soil)

DOWNLOAD Koboko Ft Double G – Wasted

DOWNLOAD Koboko Ft Seaman – Ohooo


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