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Can you give us a little bit about yourself (Who is Kole William)?
Who is Kole william? well I like to call myself a regular Makurdi boy. im a singer, songwriter, producer, Minister and Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When & Why did you decide to pursue a professional music career?
Funnily, I never really got to decide. I just found myself doing this. I always say Music chose me, I didn’t choose music.

Have you been musically inclined for a long time?
Yes I have, I started playing drums at age 6, which is about 25 years ago. I started playing the Keyboard at 8 and i have been in one choir or the other from that time till now.

That is Interesting, can we listen to the very first track you recorded?
The very first track I recorded was with a group I belonged to, called 4thMan, in 2002. It called Take me back. I don’t even know where it is but I really wish I could find it now. But for my Highly Lifted album, the first track I recorded was Double Double and you’ll definitely listen to it.

Stream Double Double Below And Download it at the Bottom of the interview

Are you a Student or A Graduate?
Im a student and a graduate. I have a B.Sc Geography, from the Benue State University, set 2007. At the moment, im doing a PGD in Peace studies and conflict resolution.

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How did your parents & family feel about your decision to go into music professionally?
The have always been supportive. They are ministers of God so they understand what it means to be called of God. My dad got me my first Keyboard at 8.

What Genre or style would you consider your music?
Am A gospel singer, I like to say I am Musically gifted. I do everything the Holy Spirit drops in my heart.

Are you signed to a label?
No, im not.

So How Would you define Gospel Music in this Present Dispensation?
The Gospel, is about the Love of Christ, any song that preaches Christ, is Gospel music and in this dispensation, Gospel music has taken over.

Will you feature a secular Artist on a song?
Well, the Bible says let Everything that has breath praise the Lord. Lets leave it there.

“Okamaleya” is believed to be the song that cemented your presence in the gospel music scene. Am i right?
Yes, you are.

Stream Okamaleya Below And Download it at the Bottom of the interview

For the Non-Idomas what does “Okamaleya” mean? What came about the track? what inspired you?
It means; The One that says a thing and it comes to pass. My Pastor, Dr. King Omudu was preaching in church one sunday and the song dropped in my Spirit. My idoma isn’t really good so I didn’t even know the meaning of the song until I asked my friend.

Any Controversy so far?
Oh no, and there won’t be.

you are gifted musically everyone knows that,But What is it about Kole William you would want your fans out there to know?
(Laughs) Im also a preacher, I own a company called i4HP global services. We do we do adverts, fashion design, Transport and agro allied ventures.

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What are you working on right now. Can we expect an album or other compilation or music video in the near future?
Im always working. Ive recorded about 60 songs since I released my album and im still recording. The next album may be 2 discs. And yes, a video is coming out shortly.

You’ve done a few collaborations and have been featured in couple of tracks
Yes, I cant wait to do a song with Nathaniel Bassey

Are you married or in any serious relationship?
No, im not married.

As far as Benue is concern you are Rated As one of the Best Gospel Art in the state,in your own words how do you define Benue Gospel Music/Entertainment Industry?
Its waxing strong and getting better by the day. Theres a new wave and thats FOGMMON. An acronym for Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers Of Nigeria. I have the humble privilege of being the President of the Benue State chapter. We are more united, and definitely releasing better quality and excellent music. We are also working out various measures to make life and ministry better for Gospel music ministers.

Do you have a role model in the industry?
Yes I do. I have two (2). Dr. Panam Percy Paul and Nathaniel Bassey.

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what do you have to say about blissempire.com?
blissempire.com is doing an awesome work an has gotten its foot stamped firmly in Promotion and adverts. This is just the beginning, get ready for an explosion!

Finally Kole William what do you have to say to your fans out there? Any shout-outs?
I want to say I love you and I pray for you, thanks for the support and as una support me, na so God go raise people to support una. I want to give special salutations to my church, Shelter of Glory, Worldwide, Summit Bible church Abuja, Savanna Grace Chapel, Christ Family ministries, HOTR Makurdi and True Life Impact church.

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For bookings or inquiries how can your fans reach you?
Contact Details: 0703 770 6595, 08133239908. i4hoglobal@gmail.com.

Below are Some Tracks By Kole William You Need To Listen to

DOWNLOAD Kole William – Jehovah

DOWNLOAD Kole William – For You

DOWNLOAD Kole William – Double Double

DOWNLOAD Kole William – Okamaleya


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